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"The best pepper sauce that I have tasted. Hard to find so buy lots."

- Stephen Morgan - January 16, 2017

"One of the best sauces ever - priced pefectly and quality is superb......In our house and when served to guest as a condiment its a "HIT". Unionville"

- Faustin D'Costa - January 26, 2013

"OMG! I love to eat spicy!...and at first, I was expecting a simple seasoning. WHAT? Let me tell you: It is HOT! The product is A-MA-ZING! It is very natural without to much ingredients. Gala's pepper sauce is the essence for your seasoning. You won't regret it if you try it."

- Natasha DG - November 26, 2012

" Hello,  I tried your pepper sauce today, and really liked it. It was everything that you said in class, nice and flavour full.  I would like to buy more.  :)  Toronto, ON"

- Majid Lodhi - November 22, 2012

"OMG everyone knows me to not be a person that likes HOT pepper because for 1 it would burn my tongue and I find I wouldn't taste my food cause I was so concentrated with my mouth being on fire and the heart burn so I stayed away from hot sauce in general, and that's until I was introduced to Gala's Pepper Sauce. I originally had gotten a bottle for my mother who's a pepper lover and she told even me i would like it so of course i was bit reluctant and tried it and to my pleasant surprise it was absolutely AMAZING it wasn't hot per say it was a burst of flavor in my mouth it brought out the essence of the food with an explosion of spices. I now put it on everything even when going out to eat at the restaurant. I recommend it to everyone its definitely worth the try, you wont regret it. "

- Nadia Cave - Hamilton ON - October 20, 2012

"Wonderful flavor, highly recommend, pefect for every West Indian dish and any International dish. Eye catching packaging. worth the price  "

- Jacqui Hector - Toronto ON - October 5, 2012

"Fantastic tasting, top notch pepper really cant beat it!"

- Roger - Toronto ON - September 17, 2012

"I have used Gala's Pepper Sauce now for the last 2 years. I have a serious love for food that is spicy and flavourful. Gala's Pepper Sauce allows me to add that right amount of taste and kick in my cooking and as a condiment. I am thrilled to know Gala and have found her service prompt and dependable.  If you want to take your taste buds to another level, I highly recommend Gala's Pepper Sauce as a must have in your house.  "

- Andrew Stewart - Toronto ON - August 12, 2012

" I don't necessarily have a recipe that includes Gala Sauce. For me I use pepper sauce as a condiment; an added treat for whatever delicious dish I eat. This is where I find Gala Sauce best used. In the mornings! I like to start my day with a kick, and what better way to do so then with some Gala Sauce with my eggs. Scrambled, omelet, or over easy, Gala Sauce makes your breakfast one of the most enjoyable meals of the day.  :)"

- Nunu Noorez - Toronto ON - August 12, 2012

"“The taste of Gala’s Pepper Sauce is one you can’t wait to add to your next meal.  It’s just that good.  I have had dinner parties where people have left talking about the sauce.  It has a true international taste with a Caribbean accent – I use it to cook with and to spice up my meals.” "

- Robert Robinson - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

""It’s hot, but it’s so tasty I can’t control myself!" That’s what I had to say about Gala's Pepper Sauce. Galadriel had introduced this pepper sauce and I could not believe she made it from scratch! "It taste better than Grace Scotch Bonnet! I can't believe it!" I now prefer using it, when I cook my special Jerk Chicken.  I of course use my own recipe with BBQ Sauce, Jerk Sauce and Gala's Pepper Sauce, that gives an extra boost to the flavoring! Magnificent! Also, with my special fried Jamaican Parrott Fish with vinegar and Gala's Pepper Sauce! Bulllllettt!!! IT WICKED! Piece of advise from me... jus do sumtin’ and try a likkle ting wit Gala's Peppa Sauce!"

- Jason Williams - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

"When my daughter first brought me a bottle of this pepper sauce knowing how much I love pepper but not just any type of pepper. Some time you find pepper sauce that aren’t hot at all and then you have some that are just INFERNO and doesn’t let you enjoy your food the way your suppose to. And then my daughter brings me this peppers sauce and says try it you will LOVE it and at first I was reluctant but gave it a try and let me tell you what a pleasant surprise it had the right amount of flavor with the right amount of spiciness to bring out the essence of the food I was eating. I put Gala’s pepper sauce on everything now from eggs to main dishes such as fish and meats. "

- Marie-Osanie Degazon - Montreal QC - August 7, 2012

"If you don't want your food to be cross...put on Gala's peppa sauce, cause it is de Boss! Bursting with Caribbean flavor, Gala's homemade peppa sauce is the perfect compliment to any meal. For that special touch of true island flavor, add a lil Gala's peppa sauce & eat like a Boss, every time! "

- Brent Scott Rogers - Montreal QC - August 7, 2012

"All I can say is wow!  Gala’s pepper sauce is fantastic, the ingredients are sooo fresh, it reminds me of the islands! If you like pepper sauce with flavor and with a kick (or a boot) try this!!  I brought samples to work and not only did my coworkers buy multiple jars, the manager at my cafeteria bought some to serve to his customers and couldn’t stop raving about it, as he was always searching for that heat!  Gala’s Pepper sauce is a perfect addition to any dish especially when cooked with!   "

- Chris Cyrus - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

"Our family’s choice for hot sauce is Gala’s. If you love the taste of true homemade sauce with a great kick, nothing beats Gala’s hot sauce. If you’re one of those people who like it REALLY hot, Gala’s hottest sauce will put your pallet to the test. Our secret to turning a bland pasta dish into a memorable one is to add plain yogurt with Gala’s hot sauce. That cool hot mix is awesome! Guaranteed hit at any dinner party."

- Peter Lacasse - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

"I had the pleasure of trying Gala Pepper Sauce when it first came out. I enjoyed it so much that I added her sauce to all my tables at my wedding to give the food a little "kick" Everyone loved it, as all the bottles (28) were gone at the end of the night. Thanks Gala for sharing your Sauce with my family and friends and making my wedding "extra spicy" "

- Nadia & Sheldon Elliston - Ajax ON - August 7, 2012

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your pepper sauce. I have both the mild and hot sauce and whether I want to add a little extra flavoring to my food or add some hot pepper to the side it's always a great addition to all my meals. Keep up the great work and I look forward to more great products from Irresistible Taste. "

- Lisa Ramnares - Brampton ON - August 7, 2012

"I love it. It’s the bomb. Brown stew fish is the best slap up in between it."

- Stacey-Ann Clarke - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

"everything is spicy with GHS. Son, my nephew & I love it. We put that sh*t on everything!! "

- Dionne the bird of paradise - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012


- Monica Madden - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

"Culturally growing up in a Filipino background pepper sauce was never on the condiment counter, when ever I was offered pepper sauce at a friends or in-laws family party it would never interest me. That all changed after having Gala's pepper sauce. I was given Gala's pepper sauce 2 years ago as a Christmas gift and have been a loyal customer ever since. Her product is for any and everyone who loves great tasting food. Gala's pepper sauce is always fresh and full of flavor; it plays many roles in my kitchen. Whether it is to throw a tbsp in my pasta sauce, meat marinade or to give my meal an extra kick there is always a jar in our home.  Her packaging and product presentation makes it easy for to give as gifts for all special occasions and its ALWAYS a hit I love hearing my friends say " That’s some good pepper!"  Try her product and I promise you that you'll forever be a loyal customer.  -Newfound pepper sauce junkie and satisfied customer  "

- Jessica David - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

"I want to take a minute and personally thank Gala for introducing me to this wonderful product. In the past I've tasted many hot sauces , but none compare to this one. Gala's pepper sauce truly adds a memorable moment, which makes it absolutely perfect for any recipe. "

- Tony Macmillan - Scarborough ON - August 7, 2012

"I like using Gala’s pepper sauce in home made chicken soup. It adds that special touch. Love it. "

- Alison Findley - Laval QC - August 7, 2012

"I've tried a few other pepper sauces but none compare to Gala's! I use it everyday to cook with, if you like hot this is the pepper sauce you need. You get great value in terms of quantity and she is always available if you’re in a jam. I'd like to see it available in stores. "

- Chito Wong - Toronto ON - August 7, 2012

"Long before Galas pepper sauce was available for the public I was consistently asking for it... The sauce has blessed many Tupperware and empty yogurt container... I use it on and with everything...whether I am seasoning food or just need that extra kick to spice up my meal there's only one jar I reach for... "

- Jaxx - Scarborough ON - August 7, 2012





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