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Gala's Pepper Sauce

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About Gala's Pepper Sauce

About Gala's Pepper Sauce

An intriguing taste for flavor and a natural need for spice prompted a Guyanese traditional recipe...


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Looking to spice up your life with a dose of hot? Check out some of our Gala's Pepper Sauce recipes. You won't be disappointed.


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Customer Reviews

  • "I want to take a minute and personally thank Gala for introducing me to this wonderful product. In the past I've tasted many hot sauces , but none compare to this one. Gala's pepper sauce truly adds a memorable moment, which makes it absolutely perfect for any recipe. "
    Tony Macmillan - Scarborough ON
  • "When I first heard of Gala's pepper sauce, I was genuinely looking forward to trying it and I must say I am glad I did! it is exquisite and full of flavor it brings me back to my childhood days and my mom's cooking.. I absolutely love Gala's pepper sauce! my fiancée and I put it on just about everything! "
    Nadine Cockburn - Montreal QC
  • "OMG everyone knows me to not be a person that likes HOT pepper because for 1 it would burn my tongue and I find I wouldn't taste my food cause I was so concentrated with my mouth being on fire and the heart burn so I stayed away from hot sauce in general, and that's until I was introduced to Gala's Pepper Sauce. I originally had gotten a bottle for my mother who's a pepper lover and she told even me i would like it so of course i was bit reluctant and tried it and to my pleasant surprise it was absolutely AMAZING it wasn't hot per say it was a burst of flavor in my mouth it brought out the essence of the food with an explosion of spices. I now put it on everything even when going out to eat at the restaurant. I recommend it to everyone its definitely worth the try, you wont regret it. "
    Nadia Cave - Hamilton ON

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