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Customer Reviews

  • "OMG! I love to eat spicy!...and at first, I was expecting a simple seasoning. WHAT? Let me tell you: It is HOT! The product is A-MA-ZING! It is very natural without to much ingredients. Gala's pepper sauce is the essence for your seasoning. You won't regret it if you try it."
    Natasha DG
  • "If you don't want your food to be cross...put on Gala's peppa sauce, cause it is de Boss! Bursting with Caribbean flavor, Gala's homemade peppa sauce is the perfect compliment to any meal. For that special touch of true island flavor, add a lil Gala's peppa sauce & eat like a Boss, every time! "
    Brent Scott Rogers - Montreal QC
  • "I have used Gala's Pepper Sauce now for the last 2 years. I have a serious love for food that is spicy and flavourful. Gala's Pepper Sauce allows me to add that right amount of taste and kick in my cooking and as a condiment. I am thrilled to know Gala and have found her service prompt and dependable.  If you want to take your taste buds to another level, I highly recommend Gala's Pepper Sauce as a must have in your house.  "
    Andrew Stewart - Toronto ON

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