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Customer Reviews

  • "Gala's pepper sauce is amazing I put it on everything it's just like grandma use to make, its not just hot and spicy its full of flavor. My tuna, stew chicken, wings, etc. I'm hooked. "
    Wayne Simpson - Toronto ON
  • "I like using Gala’s pepper sauce in home made chicken soup. It adds that special touch. Love it. "
    Alison Findley - Laval QC
  • "Culturally growing up in a Filipino background pepper sauce was never on the condiment counter, when ever I was offered pepper sauce at a friends or in-laws family party it would never interest me. That all changed after having Gala's pepper sauce. I was given Gala's pepper sauce 2 years ago as a Christmas gift and have been a loyal customer ever since. Her product is for any and everyone who loves great tasting food. Gala's pepper sauce is always fresh and full of flavor; it plays many roles in my kitchen. Whether it is to throw a tbsp in my pasta sauce, meat marinade or to give my meal an extra kick there is always a jar in our home.  Her packaging and product presentation makes it easy for to give as gifts for all special occasions and its ALWAYS a hit I love hearing my friends say " That’s some good pepper!"  Try her product and I promise you that you'll forever be a loyal customer.  -Newfound pepper sauce junkie and satisfied customer  "
    Jessica David - Toronto ON

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