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'Gala's Pepper Sauce' is an unique homemade pepper sauce and it is now available for anyone who enjoys that extra zing to their food. Buy Gala's Pepper Sauce through PayPal. 

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Gala's Pepper Sauce


Customer Reviews

  • "I like using Gala’s pepper sauce in home made chicken soup. It adds that special touch. Love it. "
    Alison Findley - Laval QC
  • " I don't necessarily have a recipe that includes Gala Sauce. For me I use pepper sauce as a condiment; an added treat for whatever delicious dish I eat. This is where I find Gala Sauce best used. In the mornings! I like to start my day with a kick, and what better way to do so then with some Gala Sauce with my eggs. Scrambled, omelet, or over easy, Gala Sauce makes your breakfast one of the most enjoyable meals of the day.  :)"
    Nunu Noorez - Toronto ON
  • ""It’s hot, but it’s so tasty I can’t control myself!" That’s what I had to say about Gala's Pepper Sauce. Galadriel had introduced this pepper sauce and I could not believe she made it from scratch! "It taste better than Grace Scotch Bonnet! I can't believe it!" I now prefer using it, when I cook my special Jerk Chicken.  I of course use my own recipe with BBQ Sauce, Jerk Sauce and Gala's Pepper Sauce, that gives an extra boost to the flavoring! Magnificent! Also, with my special fried Jamaican Parrott Fish with vinegar and Gala's Pepper Sauce! Bulllllettt!!! IT WICKED! Piece of advise from me... jus do sumtin’ and try a likkle ting wit Gala's Peppa Sauce!"
    Jason Williams - Toronto ON

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