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Gala's Pepper Sauce

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About Gala's Pepper Sauce

About Gala's Pepper Sauce

An intriguing taste for flavor and a natural need for spice prompted a Guyanese traditional recipe...


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Customer Reviews

  • "I have used Gala's Pepper Sauce now for the last 2 years. I have a serious love for food that is spicy and flavourful. Gala's Pepper Sauce allows me to add that right amount of taste and kick in my cooking and as a condiment. I am thrilled to know Gala and have found her service prompt and dependable.  If you want to take your taste buds to another level, I highly recommend Gala's Pepper Sauce as a must have in your house.  "
    Andrew Stewart - Toronto ON
  • "Gala's Pepper Sauce is an impressive homemade style pepper sauce and a nice change from the commercial pepper sauces available on store shelves. I thoroughly enjoy adding some Gala's Pepper Sauce on almost any dish. Unlike other home-made sauces, it does not have a strong vinegar taste and the pieces of pepper flakes and seeds adds a nice kick and provides the right balance of heat and flavor for any dish. Gala's Pepper Sauce has quickly earned a spot on my table. It is a must-try pepper sauce and one you will not be disappointed with. "
    Bobby Sharma - Toronto ON
  • "Gala's pepper sauce is amazing I put it on everything it's just like grandma use to make, its not just hot and spicy its full of flavor. My tuna, stew chicken, wings, etc. I'm hooked. "
    Wayne Simpson - Toronto ON

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